Sweat Happens: Our Top Picks for Aluminum-Free Deodorants That Don't Stink

Okay guys, let's talk about body odour. We all know how important it is to stay fresh and clean, but not all deodorants are created equal. Some of us prefer to steer clear of those with aluminum, for various reasons.

Aluminum, which is found in many roll-on products, helps to fight off BO by blocking sweat ducts. However, for some guys, it can cause more harm than good. It might lead to overheating, staining clothes (especially those white shirts we love so much), or even skin irritation under the armpits.

So, if you've had enough of these unsavory side effects, it's time to switch to a deodorant without aluminum.

Don't worry, there are plenty of options that can help you control body odour without interfering with your natural cooling mechanism. Keep reading for some of the best men's deodorants without aluminum.

The Cheap One | Tabac original deodorant stick 75ml

Aluminum free deodorant

The Tabac Original Deodorant Stick features a classic floral scent while keeping armpits fresh all day, it's our pick for an Aluminum free, cheap and effective option. 

  • 24hr protection against body odour
  • Classic masculine scent of lavender, citrus and warm florals
  • Compact for easy travel
  • Aluminum-free
  • Ideal for normal skin types
  • Made in Germany

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Our Favorite One | Salt & Stone Range

natural deodorant

An extra strength natural deodorant formulated for 24 hour protection. Seaweed extracts & hyaluronic acid moisturize the skin while probiotics help neutralize odor. Made without aluminum, alcohol, parabens and phthalates. Did we mention they smell great?

Shop it here at Daniels Barbershop


The Minty One | Brickell Men's Products Natural Deodorant For Men

Aluminum free deodorant for men 

 All Natural deodorant for men keeps you smelling great from sunrise to sunset  even on your longest days. Natural odor blockers absorb sweat and stench, while shea butter and vitamin E soothes the sensitive skin under your arm.

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The Derma Tested One | Oars + Alps

 Aluminum free deodorant

Natural Deodorant, Allergen-Free Fragrance, Aluminum Free, Alcohol Free.  Definitely On the expensive side, but worth it if your skin needs extra care.

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The Gel One | Baxter of California

Aluminum free deodorant

  • Tackles odor as it detoxifies and conditions the skin

  • Aluminum-free and alcohol-free deodorant

  • Clear solid gel formula includes tea tree and witch hazel extracts

  • Tone and disinfect, taking care of odor-causing bacteria

  • Absorbs quickly and won't stain or discolor clothes

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