Clippers that Cut it: Why Cheap Ain't Always Cheerful in the World of Home Grooming

Trying to save a few bucks by going for the cheapest hair clippers may sound smart, but trust us, it's a bad idea...

Those clippers are likely to break down easily and leave you with a useless tool that's just gathering dust. Plus, repairs or replacements can cost you a sweet buck, and that's not even the end of it.

Poor performance and results are another downside of cheap clippers. They just don't cut it (pun intended) when it comes to achieving the grooming results you want. You might end up with uneven cuts, snagged hair, and even more expenses from having to go to the Barbershop earlhy to fix mistakes.

it's important to note that while investing in a good set of clippers is crucial for home grooming, it's also important to choose the right set for your needs.

"You don't want to end up with a set that claims to do it all but falls short in every category" 

It's best to choose clippers specifically designed for the area you plan to groom, whether it's your head, face, or body. So, be sure to consider your grooming needs before making your purchase.

So, invest in a good set of clippers, and you'll never look back. Better performance, durability, and results will be all yours. You'll save money in the long run by not having to pay for repairs or replacements. 

When it comes to home grooming, you deserve the best. So, make sure you choose wisely and save yourself the trouble and expense of dealing with cheap clippers. Check out our top picks for your new pair of decent home clippers, and start grooming like a pro!


The best all rounder |  Whal Cordless Magic Clip

Whal Clipper best home clipper

Our barbers highly recommend Wahl's Magic Clip as their go-to hair clipper. They say they'd even use it in the barbershp themselves, and it's the first one they would recommend to anyone looking to cut their own hair at home.
This versatile device not only serves multiple functions, but it's also a top-of-the-line beard trimmer. It comes equipped with eight guard sizes that range from 1/16-inch to one-inch, offering a wide range of options to suit the needs of any at-home hair cutter, regardless of the desired hair length.
Another top feature our Barbers love is that its lightweight and easy on the wrist. 


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Mr. Clean? Our favorite for the Bald Man | Skull Shaver Pitbull

Clipper best home clipper for bald men

If you're looking to shave your bald head, it's best to use an electric razor that can easily follow the curves of your skull and provide an even, close shave without missing any spots. Look for a razor with pivoting and adjustable blades that can easily navigate the head's uneven surface. Our barbers recommend the Skull Shaver electric razor for its ergonomic design and rotary blades that cut hair close to the skin without causing irritation. For the best results, use gentle pressure and ensure even contact with the scalp while shaving.  We love the Skull Shaver Pitbull


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Best for close to skin & fine line work | Wahl Pro  Beret Cordless Trimmer

whal trimmers

We have a product in our store that we absolutely swear by, especially if you're looking for a barber-quality trimmer for achieving an ultra-close shave and detailed work around your hairline. This trimmer is a bit on the professional side, but trust us, it's worth every penny if you're serious about your grooming game and keeping everything looking clean between cuts.

The trimmer's ergonomic design is slim and lightweight, making it easy to handle and maneuver. Plus, it operates quietly, which makes it perfect for use on kids or anyone who's a bit skittish around loud trimmers. With chrome-plated blades that provide exceptional precision and close trimming, this trimmer is a must-have for achieving sharp and well-defined lines. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your grooming routine.

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Best Foiler | Andis Pro Foil Titanium Cordless Foil Shaver

 clipper foiler for home

Meet the Andis Profoil lithium shaver, your new secret weapon for effortless grooming! This cordless shaver weighs less than 5 ounces and glides perfectly along the contours of your face for a close, comfortable shave. The gold titanium material and hypoallergenic foil are gentle on all skin types, even sensitive skin, while the staggered head design ensures a smooth, irritation-free shave every time. With up to 80 minutes of runtime on a single charge, this battery-powered shaver is perfect for both quick touch-ups and long grooming sessions. And the best part? Its quiet, powerful motor means you won't wake up the whole neighborhood while you shave. Whether you're removing stubborn stubble or perfecting a fade-style haircut, the Andis Profoil lithium shaver has got you covered

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How to Keep Your Clippers Buzzing: A Guide to Clippers Maintenance

So, you’ve invested in a good pair of clippers. Nice! But, now you need to know how to take care of them. Here are three tips to keep your clippers running smoothly:

1: Oiling  Don’t forget to oil your clippers after every cut. For shorter buzz cuts, oiling every other cut is fine.

2: Clean off the leftover hair  Remove all hair after every cut. When people see your clippers laying around with hair on them, we'll be honest, they think pubes. So lets make healthy habits and clean each time. A small toothbrush can do the job if you lose your cleaning brush.

3: Disinfect  Clean and disinfect your blades at least twice a month, especially if there is contact with your skin, we would say do it each time.

Luckily when you buy a good pair of clippers it'll likely come with oil and a brush, but we’ve got some disinfectants on our top pick list too.

At Daniels Barbershop we do these three steps between each cut, but when it's just your head its a little different and you can take it easy, but care is at the end of the day what keeps your clippers clean and sanitary and alive for longer. 

If you have more questions you can always ask our Barbers in the comment section below.


Keep them clean and buzzing | Andis 12750 Cool Care Plus

 Clipper disinfectant and oil


All in one Disinfectant and Oil for your clippers. This can will keep you going for ages, it's great for home use because it does clean your clippers and keep them oiled up at the same time. 

Leaving you with the easy job of just brushing the hair off them.

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